"Hispanic females (37.3%) were more likely to be featured in popular films than were white females (29.6%) or Asian females (32%)," Latinas are also more likely than females among any of the other groups studied (37.5%, to be precise) to be shown partially dressed or nude on the big screen."
- Via the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative Report
We are ideally situated in Georgia, the fastest growing area for film production and the largest producer of film and television in the United States. Besides generating nearly $10 billion for the State’s economy, the state also boasts the nation’s most attractive tax incentive package, issuing up to 35% of the cost of production in direct or transferable tax credits.
Proven Leadership
  • Maria Guerra-Stoll, CEO of GSB Architects & Interiors, Inc., and also CEO of PAM, is a proven Latina business leader in the Atlanta community, and has been working on a strategic team of industry experts and also a slate of films. Additionally she is in the process of helping to produce a reality TV show, which will be the first production coming out of PAM Studios.
  • GSB has built Tyler Perry’s facilities for his ever-growing entertainment empire.
  • The GSB team is experts in the studio design market.
Compelling Internationally Content
  • Discover and cultivate content created by those with compelling stories that are not currently being reached or have no access to a production house.
  • Portray and showcase cultures not being represented correctly today. Educate the viewers by giving hope and making a change.

Supporting the GA Film Commission Vision
  • Georgia is the top market for film and TV productions and the industry continues to grow. This allows us an opportunity to offer available stage space to other productions, and realize an additional revenue stream.
  • Offer avenues to education and employment in the media industry, both above and below the line.
  • Ownership of Production Studio is crucial to controlling content.
  • Own and partner with leading theatrical, digital, TV and Cable companies to distribute our content.

“You don’t have a major hit without Hispanic moviegoers.”
- Chris Aronson, Fox’s president of domestic distribution